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Plum Blossom Travel Kung Fu Tea Set

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About Yixing Zisha teapot
The first Zisha teapot was created during the Song Dynasty in the 10th century. A monk in Yixing handmade the teapot from local clay. Today, Zisha teapots produced in Yixing City are considered to be the best tool for making tea.
How to identify:
The Yixing teapot is good or bad can be judged from five aspects: raw clay type, modeling, feature, craftsman, function.
According to the special requirements of the teapot forming crafts, the spout and the pot handle should be absolutely in line, and the weight should be balanced; the combination of the spout and the lid should be tight.

Special Collection Function:
Collection has existed since ancient times. It can not only realize the function of making tea but also can be used as home decoration. At the same time, it also has a certain value-added space. Under the economic conditions, many tea friends are willing to collect a few pieces of tea sets that they like. There are many kinds of tea sets for collection, and the more popular ones are porcelain tea sets and Zisha tea sets.

1 set tea cup with a gift box. The product is packed with foam and a shockproof box to prevent broken in the shipping way.

Capacity & size:
14.5(W)x12.5cm(H)(5.7"x 4.92")
Capacity: 21oz.
Please check the size & volume before ordering it.

Material & place of origin:
Zisha clay & lead-free, Handmade.The clay feature is compact structure,close to porcelain, high strength and small particles. Yixing.Yixing Zisha teapots are the most famous of all teapots. The tea pot brewing tea captures the true fragrance of tea. It can keep the color, fragrance, and taste of tea for a long time. Yixing Zisha Teapots has a high collection value.

It is suitable for tea lovers, teapot collectors, various occasions like office, home, study, and travel. Share the joy by gifting the pots to your loved ones. Fit for brew green tea,black tea,oolong tea,Tieguanyin,dragon well,Biluochun tea,scented tea, etc.

Use & Maintenance:
They are meant for use with black and oolong teas, green or white tea as well as aged Puer tea, but the water must be allowed to cool to around 185 degrees (F)before pouring the water into the pot.

The using steps are as follows:
1. When using the teapot for the first time, put the teapot into the clean pot with cold water and boil for about 5-10 minutes. Then remove the pot from the boiling water and set it aside for natural cooling. This step can open the pores of the teapot and make the tea more breathable.
2. Please put the tea into the Zisha pot and brew with warm water around 185 degrees(F), wait for some minutes to enjoy your tea either by pouring it into a cup or by drinking directly from the Zisha teapot, which is the traditional way of using it.

Yixing teapots absorb a tiny amount of tea into the pot during brewing. After prolonged use, the pot will develop a coating that retains the flavor and color of the tea. It should be rinsed with fresh water and allowed to air-dry. A studious tea connoisseur will only steep one type of tea in a particular pot, so as not to corrupt the flavor that has been absorbed.

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