Fanquare Black Chinese Pastel Lotus Paintings Vase

SKU: FKT0209
Fanquare Black Chinese Pastel Lotus Paintings Vase
Fanquare Black Chinese Pastel Lotus Paintings Vase
Fanquare Black Chinese Pastel Lotus Paintings Vase

Fanquare Black Chinese Pastel Lotus Paintings Vase

SKU: FKT0209
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About Ceramics¨CVase
Ceramics is a milestone in the history of mankind. It was discovered as early as a thousand years ago. It was originally a tool for putting things, and later became a work of art in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). During the popular collection of ceramics, especially vases, more exquisiteness and beautiful. The traditional custom of China considers the Hua Ping or vase, which symbolizes safety or "Ping Ping An An" in Chinese.

VASE SIZE & PACKAGE: 23 x 14 x 9cm (9" x 5.5" x 3.5"). Packing list: 1 x vase, 1 x base.The ceramic product is packed with foam and shockproof boxes to prevent broken in the long shipping way.

MATERIAL& PLACE OF ORIGIN: Ceramics.Jing Dezhen, China. In the Han dynasty, Jingdezhen ceramics began with excellent porcelain, light in shape, and diverse in decoration. Famous all over the world and is known as the "porcelain capital".

FEATURES: This is a small vase, the color is black, with hand-painted lotus on it, smooth and delicate texture, bright glazed. Ceramic vases are often decorated, and they are often used to hold cut flowers. It also has collectible value.

APPLICATION: Household,office,collection,holiday gifts,gift for wedding,birthday,Christmas,thanksgiving and anniversary,etc.Can be used for decoration in the living room, study room, and bedroom, giving your home an elegant and romantic feeling.

Use & Maintenance
1. Regularly clean the stains on the outer wall of the vase and the water, sand on the inner wall. Avoid using hard objects such as wire scraps to avoid scratching the surface of the vase
2. Change the water regularly to prevent the long-term sewage from soaking the inner wall of the vase, and the water in the vase will breed many tiny creatures for a long time, which may corrode the vase.
3. The vase is fragile, to avoid hard objects collide.
4. Away from high temperatures to prevent the vase from cracking caused by excessive temperature.

If you receive the product with broken, please take photos and contact us after receiving the parcel. We will respond and arrange the second shipping or refund very soon.

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