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Merry Christmas!Here are your Christmas decoration tips - HauSweet

Merry Christmas!Here are your Christmas decoration tips

 1.Immerse ourselves in trendy colors

This year, Christmas are dominated by natural tones, blue, gold, pastel and bright festival colors. All shades of green, accents of woody brown, terracotta and gold add depth and warmth to designs.  

Rich blues plus luxurious gold or rose gold set would be another big Christmas Trend 2022. This timeless elegant color palette brings in serenity and is the perfect match to Christmas Eve.

Pastel color continues to be popular these years, such calm tones as blush pink and lilac will just wash off the tiredness throughout the year.

Last but not least, poppy colors like bright oranges, blues, pinks, reds, and blues will feature heavily in Christmas aesthetics this year.

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 2.Bring in candles

Fire is just so cozy and healing for the holidays, do not hesitate to light a candle in bedrooms, living rooms even kitchens!

It really is all about the candles this year!  Paired up with beautiful funky candle holders embellishes the tablescape.

After a wild year, treating ourselves will be as important as spoiling our loved ones. Mental wellbeing is as essential as physical wellbeing.

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 3.Utilize lights everywhere

Twinkle Twinkle little lights!

We’ve witnessed urging needs in Christmas lights over the last couple years. People like to add a little touch up to their garden and rooms with warm glows. Let your home shine at full wattage all winter long with some strategically placed lighting. 

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 4.Add mini-Christmas tree for your kids

Of course, the kids always like to engage in decorating the trees, we might as well let them have their own little ones. They can put up all their handmade ornament, colorful lights, cute tree toppers.  Plus, we never mind having another Christmas tree in the house!

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 5.Don't forget nostalgia vibe

Nostalgia is synonymous with Christmas. It is the greatest time of the year to reminisce about past golden times. When Nutcrackers, Santa Claus, Snowman, and Rudolph make appearance, those classic Christmas figures, traditional colors and vintage ornaments all help create a nostalgic soothing scene that you can feel relaxed in.

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