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3 Ways to Choose Ideal Rug for your home - HauSweet

3 Ways to Choose Ideal Rug for your home

Rugs were invented to provide a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere. With the continuous evolution of the industry, various shapes and patterns enrich the range of rugs, giving people more options to decorate their homes.

Choosing the right rug can add colour to the interior, like visual coordination between all the parts of a place.  A rug, therefore, is one of the most essential ingredients of a perfect interior, and is the first choice of a person of good taste in home decoration. Here are 3 ways to select the ideal rug for your consideration.

Area Rugs
  • Determine the rug usage area

Living Rooms

Rugs are the best decor to define the areas and distinguish several zones. Living room area rugs are generally located in the center and the main furniture is placed around it. It cannot be too small, at least to ensure that it is connected to most of the furnishings. At the same time, it should not be too large to cover the entire activity space. Appropriate blank-leaving render the interior space more layered.




A warm and comfortable landing every morning will delight you all day, especially in the cold winter. It is mainly placed on the sides or at the end of the bed, covering the daily range of movement around the bed. Lay down a rug according to the size of the bed, and you instantly have a geometric shape that anchors the room and optically makes it look harmonious.

Dining Rooms

Rugs around the dining table should ideally be 2 feet outward from the edge of the table length to reduce the noise and to avoid floor scratches caused by chairs, also to provide a cushion for fall of tableware. Better to opt for rugs that are easy to clean in this area, especially for families with children.

Kids Rooms

Kids room rugs reduce various safety risks effectively by protecting children from slipping and bumping on them. Its dense woven structure is good at absorbing and insulating sound, which keeps the room quiet and avoids noise affecting residents downstairs. No fixed size requirement for kids’ room area rug, frequent cleaning and maintenance are recommended for the health of the children.


Other Space

Kitchens: Kitchen area rugs help add additional warmth to your kitchen. Make sure to choose a non-slip rug that prevents you from slipping on wet flooring.

Bathrooms: Lay a sophisticated rug in your bathroom will enhance the elegance of your room. Do not misunderstand the bath mats with the bathroom rugs.

Entryways: A pretty rug for your entryway will make a great impression on every visitor. In view of the entrance area rug soil the rain and dust from the outside, you should better have it with solid material, and be aware of aging and fading issues.

  • Reference Climate Environment and Living Habits


Short pile rugs are suitable for repeatedly moving areas to hide footprints and tracks. A dark colored rug or one with complicated patterns could cover up various stains. Consequently, wear-resistant and washable mixed chemical fiber rugs are suitable for high traffic residential areas. Considering the living experience, long pile shag rugs are the perfect choice for private space like bedrooms and baby rooms.


In some damp areas, rugs provide a fertile breeding ground for a variety of bacteria. Sisal, a natural fiber material which regulates air humidity by absorbing moisture, is the best solution for it. Sisal rugs are also resistant to insects, fire, wear and tear. Also, it is free of dirt and germs, so it is the ideal home decor for people who are asthmatic or have some skin issues.


With furry four-legged friends in your house, you should be more patient when choosing a rug. Look for rugs that are tight, low-pile and loop-free, so that their little paws do not snag the fibers, and nylon rugs are a great solution. Nylon is a durable, synthetic fiber and nylon rugs are soft, easy to clean, and come in bright colour which may hide animal hair.

  • Match Colors and Patterns with Your Home Style

As well as deciding on the area and material of rugs you need, it is also important that you choose rugs that will be compatible with other colors and patterns in the room.


Rug colors are the best medium for coordinating all the existing colors palette in a space. By following the 60-30-10 principle, area rugs not only match the ambiance of your home, but they also preserve your interior aesthetic.

  • 60%ofthe room is the dominant color, it is the color of walls or large pieces of furniture.
  • 30% is the secondary color and is your main reference for choosing a rug color.
  • 10% is the highlight color, mostly for the eye-catching small ornaments, such as wall paintings, vases, lamps and so on. The color of rug can also echo these bright colors for a finishing touch to the room.


The pattern of the rug should be determined by the interior style of the room, essentially the same as the pattern elements of the curtain, and the personal preferences of the owner and local customs should be also taken into account.

  • Contemporary or minimalist interior decor are suitable for rugs with solid color, texture or geometric and abstract design.
  • Choosing an area rug for vintage or transitional interior, you could refer to transitional rugs and oriental rugs which have deep color richness and intricate patterns.
  • If your room mostly uses wooden furniture, you can try sisal, straw rugs with their unique natural texture. Moroccan textile rugs are also a chic and unique option for you, itsgorgeous patterns and vibrant color schemes that will light up the entire space.
  • As for the rugs of the children’s room, you can choose cartoon patterns according to their preferences. Lovely figures and letters will give the purest delight to the child.

Area rug selection is difficult, yet so comfortable. Stylish rugs are the perfect floor coverings that will transform your home, and rug purchases are indeed a worthwhile investment.

The above suggestions are for informational purposes only. Hausweet offers you with these useful and affordable area rugs. We look forward to your creative ideals, and you are welcome to share them with us in the comments section.


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